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Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Member Introduction: Kathrin Petzke

Our newest member Kathrin has officially begun her employment as a student assistant at the Chair of Microeconomics this month. She already demonstrated great knowledge and charisma as a tutor and we are looking forward to working and spending time together. With that being said, let's get to know her:

I decided to work at the Chair of Microeconomics because…
… I really enjoyed working with parts of the team before as a tutor for Microeconomics. That is also how I learned about the position as a student assistant and see it as a chance to learn more about different aspects of this field also with regard to the specialization of my master.

In a typical day at work, my main tasks are…
… not determined yet as I began working here two weeks ago and there is no typical work day yet. At the moment, I am still getting to know everything, the work environment and programs. Later, I will support the module Game Theory from the background, and I am looking forward to all the tasks that may come.

With respect to research, my main interests include…
… many different areas of microeconomics. Currently, I am dealing with Game Theory which I will focus on this semester.

What turned out to be the most difficult for me since working from home…
… is difficult to say because I started from home and don’t know it any other way. However, the personal contact is missing. It is harder to exchange experiences and know-how, but everybody responds to texts almost instantly and the weekly zoom meetings also help a lot to maintain a pleasant and kind team atmosphere.

My most special experience since being part of our team is…
… spending time with the team while getting to know it. Be it at the university while gaining an insight into all the procedures and details a Chair has to plan and consider or be it during a private evening.

In the future, I would like to achieve/work on…
… an internship to explore my professional perspectives. After that, I plan to expand my knowledge with a master.

Last but not least, my favourite sports club, movie/series, travel destination is…

… the SV Sande, the club where I played volleyball all my youth.

… I watch all movies across the board except horror and zombie movies. From Real Steel over Nerve and Aladdin to The Lego Movie, there is a wide range of great movies, but I also enjoyed watching the series Game of Thrones and Vikings.

… Spain, in particular Granada where I spent my Erasmus semester. Besides, one point at my bucket list is seeing polar lights.


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