The Chair of Microeconomics in the 2020/2021 annual report

Every two years, our faculty publishes an annual report comprising of various articles about our faculty, current research projects, and about studying and teaching at the university of Paderborn. This year, the annual report for 2020/2021 has been published with five articles related to our Chair in particular:


  1. About our workshop "Game theory at your fingertips" in the report "Game theory, behavioural economics and digital platforms at your fingertips" (pp.11+12).
  2. An introduction to our Department of Economics, written by the head of our Chair Prof. Dr. Claus-Jochen Haake (p. 30).
  3. A report on the collaborative research centre (CRC) 901 On-The-Fly-Computing in which various members of our Chair are part of (pp.54+55).
  4. A brief portrait capturing the development of Dr. Nadja Stroh-Maraun’s and Dr. Britta Hoyer’s friendship and collaboration in the CRC 901 (pp.76-78). This portrait can also be found on the university website.
  5. About our award for special commitment to online teaching (p. 95).

Check out the annual report for these and further engaging articles.