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Topics in Managerial Economics (W4172)

This course offers you the opportunity to enter the world of research in economics and management by closely and critically engaging with a research article. It is an excellent preparation for writing a thesis or improving your own research. After learning how to evaluate scientific articles, student will present an academic article of his/her choice. At the end of the term participants are assessed on the basis of a written referee report on a paper chosen by themselves.

Name:Topics in Managerial Economics (W4172)
Teacher:Dr. Dilan Okcuoglu Celik
Contact person:Dilan Okcuoglu Celik
Level of study: Master
Course language:English
Term:summer term and winter term
Link to PAUL:Link
Material:All information and material will be provided via eLearning platform.
Link to the Course Catalog:Coming soon

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