SEAM Summer Term 2015

20.04.2015"Imposing codes of good conduct promotes social behaviour" by Uwe Dulleck further information
04.05.2015 "Predicting the Play of Others: Are Beliefs Correlated?" by Radovan Vadovičfurther information
11.05.2015 "Alliance formation in contests with incomplete information" by Lars Metzger further information
18.05.2015"Disease and fertility – Evidence from the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic in Sweden" by Nina Boberg-Fazlic

further information

01.06.2015“Long-Term Employment Relations When Agents are Present-Biased” by Florian Englmaierfurther Information
08.06.2015"How You Ask Is What You Get: Willingness-to-Pay for a QALY in Germany” by Lars Schwettmannfurther information
15.06.2015„Network Design and Imperfect Defense” by Jakob Landwehrfurther information
22.06.2015„Performance Dynamics and Changes of Organizational Configurations” by Johannes Meuerfurther information
06.07.2015„Hypocrisy: Prevalence, Why it Thrives, and the Consequences" by Gari Walkowitzfurther information
13.07.2015„How well do consumers choose health insurance? An experiment on heterogeneity in attribute tastes and risk preferences" by Johanna Kokot

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