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SEAM Summer Term 2016

18.04.2016"Risk Preferences and the Financial Crisis" byLars Schwettmannfurther information
25.04.2016"Satisfaction of basic needs as a distributive principle" by
"Between Anchors and Aspirations: A New Family of Bargaining Solutions” by
Frauke Meyer
Emin Karagözoğlu
further information
further information


09.05.2016"In My Backyard? Causal Effects of Physical Distance on Cooperativeness" byNora Szechfurther information
17.05.2016“What Does a Deductible Do? The Impact of Cost-Sharing on Health Care Prices, Quantities, and Spending Dynamics” byJonathan Kolstadfurther information
23.05.2016"Labor market gift-exchange and output market competition" byArno Riedl further information
30.05.2016"Grandparents Matter: Perspectives on Intergenerational Altruism" byLuigi Mittonefurther information
13.06.2016"Plagiarism in the Social Sciences" byGary Hooverfurther information
27.06.2016"Sleep, Health, and Human Capital: Evidence from Daylight Saving Time" byNicolas Ziebarthfurther Information
04.07.2016"Hidden prices" byTobias Wenzelfurther information
11.07.2016"Responsibility-based allocation of cartel damages" byStefan Napel further Information
18.07.2016"The Long-run Effects of Labour Market Polarization: Evidence from German Micro Data" byRonald Bachmann further information

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