SEAM Winter Term 2016/2017

17.10.2016"Equilibria under Ambiguity for Belief Functions" byfurther information
24.10.2016"Negotiations in Stochastic Bargaining Situations: An Experimental Analysis" byJulia Müllerfurther information

"The effect of game/loss framing on lying behaviour" by

Franziska Heinicke further information
07.11.2016„Coverage Bias on Wikipedia? Evidence from German Members of Parliament“ by

Anna Kerkhof

further information
14.11.2016"Targeted Advertising and Entry" byXingyi Liufurther information
21.11.2016"A Method for Analysis of Ideal Types and Configurations" byTorsten Biemannfurther information
28.11.2016"Pharmaceutical Spending and Early-Stage Innovation in Pharmaceuticals in Europe: an Instrumental Variable Analysis" byDimitrios Kourouklisfurther information
05.12.2016"Buyer's choice in procurement -A study based on field and laboratory data" byTimo Heinrichfurther information
12.12.2016"Suspiciously Timed Trade Disputes" byGeorg Kirchsteigerfurther information
19.12.2016"Coping with Complexity - Experimental Evidence for Narrow Bracketing in Multi-Stage Contests" byUwe Sundefurther information
09.01.2017"The Dark Side of Reputation" byEugen Dimantfurther information
23.01.2017"New results on trust, word-of-mouth, and the opportunity to misuse trust" byClaudia Keser further information
30.01.2017"Exploring the consistency of higher-order risk preferences" byThomas Mayrhofer further information
06.02.2017"Eigenvalue Productivity: Measurement of Individual Contributions in Teams" byThorsten Upmann further information