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Topics in Economics and Management (TEAM): Events Winter 2014/15

2014/10/22Xinyu LiAntitrust Sanctions Against Individuals
2014/11/05Wendelin SchnedlerIncentives and Misdirected Effort
2014/11/19Eugen DimantA Crook is a Crook...But is He Still a Crook Abroad?
On the Effect of Immigration on Destination-Country Corruption
2014/12/03no talk(management department meeting)
2014/12/17John RiachThe Academic English for Economists and Management Sciences Project: Why it can help you to write better papers faster
2015/01/14Burkhard HehenkampLocation choice and quality competition in mixed duopolies when prices are regulated
2014/01/28Markus KindlerThe Impact of Coupons in Coalition Loyalty Programs: Promotion and Waste Effects
The presentations take place from 13:00 to 13:45 in Q4.245.

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