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Fabian Bopp

Responsible for recognizing international courses and accreditation (link)

Office hours during lecture time only: Tuesday, 14-15h (please send a mail before)

Universität Paderborn
Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Warburger Str. 100
33098 Paderborn

Phone (+49) 05251 60-2498


Office Q4.316




I am generally interested in Business Ethics, EnvironmentallyEconomics, Game Theory and Behavioral Economics. I am to better understand how people make decisions and to develop policies, which help to improve decision making.


Research in Progress

I am currently involved in research on..

Conformism of Minorities (with Wendelin Schnedler and Radovan Vadovic)

Choice Proximity and Social Preferences

Social Learning under Ambiguity (with Sara Le Roux)

Reducing Strategic Ignorance (with Wendelin Schnedler) 


I did my bachelor’s in economics at the University of Paderborn (2011-2014). During the Bacherlor, I spend a term at the Tongji University in China. In 2017 I graduated with the two masters "International Economics" and "Business Administration". During my masters I took part in the Asian Business and Economics (ABSE) program and spend a term at the Oita University. Since 2017 I am PhD-student.

The University for the Information Society