Data in Teaching and Research

The students and staff of the University of Paderborn are provided a variety of data sources. The databases are used both in teaching (including lectures, tutorials, seminars, and thesis) as well as for research projects.

Terms of use

Signing a legally binding commitment is required to use the databases of the Wharton Reserach Database Services (WRDS).  This will be give to you after the registration with Wharton Reserach Database Services (WRDS). By signing this document you declare acceptance of the Terms of Use of WRDS. In addition, you must agree to the Terms of Use while applying for the WRDS access.

Students can access the data in the context of the teaching and research projects through the respective supervisor or be enabled by the supervising Chair.



WRDS - Wharton Research Data Services

WRDS is a web based platform which provides comprehensive financial, accounting, economics, management, marketing, banking and insurance data from various economic data banks. WRDS is operated by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania ( in the United States. WRDS is characterized by the fact that data from different integrated databases can be searched, uniformly selected, and finally stored in a unified file format (Excel, Stata, SAS, etc.).

WRDS is considered the de facto standard in quantitative empirical capital market research. With access to this source, high-quality teaching and research are possible.

Currently, the following databases are additionally accessible via WRDS (click here for an overview of all databases which are included in general):

Thomson Reuters provides access to data of all major financial markets through the database Eikon. In addition to historical and real time financial data, Eikon also includes global financial news and commentary, financial estimates, fundamentals analysis, and visual analysis through charting.

Eikon covers more than 400 exchanges and OTC-markets.


To use the provided databanks of Eikon you need to sign a legally binding mandatory declaration of obligation. Employees of the Paderborn University can ask for this declaration in the administration of the TAF Department via sending an Email to You accept with your subscription the terms of Eikon. The terms of using Eikon can also be reviewed in the administration of Prof. Dr. Jens Müller. 

Compustat is a database of Standard & Poor's, which comprises accounting and market data on more than 91,000 companies worldwide. Data on daily, monthly and quarterly basis go back to the year 1962, while data on the annual level are available from the year 1952 onwards.

The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) is a research center at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Among others at the University of Chicago Eugene F. Fama teaches and researches. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences jointly with Robert J. Shiller and Lars Peter Hansen "for their empirical analysis of asset prices" in 2013.

CRSP operates an extensive database of capital market time series. Information are provided to equities and government bonds in particular. For securities that are traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ, Amex and Arca, the database provides daily information (eg on prices, volumes, yields, etc.). The data on the securities traded on the NYSE are available form 1925 onwards. Descriptive and historical data on government bonds are provided as well.

The Orbis Bank Focus database contains detailed financial information on over 29,000 banks. These include both public and private banks.

I / B / E / S Detail History EPS is a database which provides profit estimates per share (Earnings Per Share) encompassed by analysts. These earnings estimates are available both for American companies and large international companies. In addition, the database I / B / E / S History offers non-EPS data. This includes predictive indicators (eg, EBITDA, book value per share, cash flow, sales, dividends per share etc.) and earnings (eg Price / earnings ratios, market capitalization, historical growth rates, dividends, etc.).

Audit Analytics provides detailed information on over 150,000 active audits and more than 10,000 accounting firms. Audit Analytics data includes detailed categorizations of issues and is a primary data source for tracking and analysis of public company disclosures related to the audit, compliance, governance, corporate actions and federal litigation.

Furthermore, on WRDS the following additional databases available: Bank Regulatory, Block Holders, CBOE index, CUSIP, DMEF Academic Data, Dow Jones, Fama French & Liquidity Factors, Federal Reserve Bank, PHLX, Penn World Tables, SEC Order Execution and TRACE.

More information can be found on the WRDS Database Information System (DBIS) of the University Library Paderborn.

dafne (Bureau van Dijk)

dafne provides current and historical financial statements information on about 800,000 German and Austrian companies. Following the form of publication of these companies, both separate financial statements and consolidated financial statements are available. The international accounting standards IAS / IFRS and US GAAP as well as the German Commercial Code are included in the detailed presentation.

More information is provided in the Database Information System (DBIS) of the University Library Paderborn.

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