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Im Interview für den LinkedIn-Kanal der Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften hat Herr Prof. Dr. Guido Schryen interessante Einblicke in seine Forschungsarbeit im Bereich der Katastrophenhilfe gegeben und zeigt, wie wichtig neben der Breitschaft der Menschen zu helfen, die Organisation und Koordination ist und was die Wissenschaft dazu beitragen kann. Lesen Sie das ganze Interview hier!

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Presentations at the Conference of the German Operations Research Society

The Chair of Management Information Systems & Operations Research of Prof. Guido Schryen was represented with two contributions at the annual conference of the German Operations Research Society.

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Wir suchen ab 01.03.2024 Verstärkung in unserem Team!

Interesse an einer Promotion an einem führenden Wirtschaftsinformatik-Standort?...

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Article "Anticipatory Assignment of Passengers to Meeting Points for Taxi-Ridesharing" accepted for Publication in Transportation Research Part D…

Abstract: Taxi-ridesharing systems are considered an important means for sustainable urban transport. Previous literature shows that introducing meeting points in ridesharing, where customers are picked up and dropped off, increases its performance. We consider an on-demand taxi-ridesharing system, where the focus lies on the anticipatory assignment of customers to meeting points. We model the problem as a sequential decision process with the…

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Abstract: Literature reviews represent a key genre for preserving and developing knowledge in many scientific fields, including the operations research (OR) discipline. Although the body of OR reviews shows a large diversity in terms of entities investigated, methodologies applied, and contributions developed, our discipline has been rather silent on the genre of literature reviews. As a consequence, the OR field misses (1) a classification of…

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