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the Chair for Information Systems, esp. Sustainability will be filled by Prof. Dr. Simon Trang as of April 01.

Job postings

Are you interested in practical research on exciting topics related to sustainability, digital resilience or information security and would like to share your knowledge?


In the summer semester 2023, the professorship will offer the following courses:

  • Student Research Project, 5 ECTS: Sustainable Information Systems (M.184.3341).
  • Lecture + Exercise, 5 ECTS: Methods of Information Security Management (M.184.3342)
  • Project Seminar, 10 ECTS: Digitization of Critical Infrastructures (M.184.5341)

Holder of the professorship

Dr. Simon Thanh-Nam Trang is (from April 2023) Professor of Information Systems, in particular Sustainability at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Paderborn.

The focus of his work is on the analysis of the positive and negative impact of information systems (so-called Dark & Bright Sides of IS) as well as issues of digital resilience (esp. information security management and informational self-determination). His research is primarily based on quantitative approaches, including laboratory and field experiments, structured surveys in longitudinal designs, and meta-analyses.

Mr. Trang publishes his research in leading outlets in Information Systems (Journal of the AIS, European Journal of Information Systems), Business Administration (Journal of Product Innovation Management), and Sustainability (Journal of Cleaner Production). As a coordinator, he is responsible for a wide variety of cross-university research projects funded by renowned institutions (Volkswagenstiftung, BMBF, BMG, BMWk). His research places him among the top 10 percent of business administration researchers under the age of 40 in the German-speaking region, based on publications (WirtschaftsWoche 2023 ranking).

In teaching, Mr. Trang focuses on sustainability, digital resilience, and information security. In these areas, he offers lectures, seminars and supervision of individual research projects and dissertations for Bachelor, Master and PhD students.

Mr. Trang is actively engaged in the IS community as a program committee at German and international conferences, reviewer for renowned journals and editor. For example, he currently serves on the editorial board of Information & Management (IF 10,295) and Electronic Markets.

Prior to his appointment at the University of Paderborn, Simon Trang was Junior Professor for Information Security and Compliance at the University of Göttingen. In addition, he has several years of professional experience in the areas of IT strategy, information security management and enterprise architecture management (e.g., WINGAS, Roland Berger, IBM).

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