Welcome at the Chair of Information Systems, esp. Sustainability

In order to meet key challenges of the next generations, long-term and ocietal phenomena must be taken into account in the design and research of information systems. Therefore, as part of the Center for Sustainable Economy, we investigate questions in the areas of digital resilience, information security, and the analysis of positive and negative effects of information systems (so-called Dark & Bright Sides of IS). In teaching, we offer Bachelor and Master courses in the area of sustainability, digital resilience, and information security.

The chair is led by Prof. Dr. Simon Trang. The focus of his work is on the research topics mentioned above and is primarily based on quantitative approaches, including laboratory and field experiments, structured surveys in longitudinal designs, and meta-analyses. Mr. Trang publishes his research in leading outlets in Information Systems (Journal of the AIS, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Information Technology), Business Administration (Journal of Product Innovation Management), and Sustainability (Journal of Cleaner Production).

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