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Member Introduction: Shawna Masalsky

This time, we will introduce our youngest member both in terms of age and tenure. Shawna has been employed as a student assistant at the Chair of Microeconomics since April 2020 but she worked as a tutor for Microeconomics the year before.

Let's get to know her:

I decided to work at the Chair of Microeconomics because ...
...I have always been interested in topics related to economics and I really enjoying working as well as spending time with our team.

In a typical day at work, my main tasks are ...
...different all the time. Creating graphics for exercises, researching specific literature, managing the twitter account, testing online exams... I am trying to help wherever I can!

With respect to research, my main interests include ...
...economics especially in South-East Asia.

What turned out to be the most difficult for me since working from home was ...
....getting to know everybody. Getting to know somebody through digital means is quite different from the real experience. But everybody helped me to adjust to the new work environment and I soon grew fond of the warm team atmosphere!

My most special experience since being part of our team was ...
...meeting everybody in person for the first time! There are already so many funny moments I could talk about ... maybe next time.

In the future, I would like to achieve/work on…
… too many things. But for the near future, I would like to participate in the Double Master Program of the Paderborn and Tohoku University and thus study in Japan for one year.

Last but not least, my favourite sports club/movies/series/travel destination…

...recently a confusing matter. Torn between Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. I really like soccer but I love American Football even more ;).

…The Ghibli movies, especially Howl’s Moving Castle. I already loved them when I was a child and I still enjoy watching them from time to time.

…Too many places to list here. But I really fell in love with Korea, Japan and Singapore.

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