Research @ CIE

The CIE provides essential and internationally high-quality research in the fields of economics, international economics and econometrics and focuses on socially relevant questions based on the latest scientific methods, and with high quality research data.

The research covers four major areas:

The research projects of the CIE seeks to explore all aspects of globalization - chellengaes as well as opportunities - through analysis of the phenomenon in all its many aspects. 

Taking the perspectives of consumers, firms and the society the Cooperation and Competition research at the CIE aims to study the difficult interplay of cooperation and competition in the sciences.

The data science research of the CIE aims to foster, advance and promote excellence in data science research, education and application to enable better decision-making for the common good.

The research of the CIE focuses on multi-dimensional challenges of sustainable and inclusive development within the areas of environmental, development, population, and health economics.

Center for International Economics
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