Sustainable and inclusive Development

The research of the CIE focuses on multi-dimensional challenges of sustainable and inclusive development. Within the areas of environmental development, population, and health economics we address topics such as inequality, climate change, environmental degradation and socially irresponsible business practices threaten to interfere with human development and undermine the basic human rights of entire populations. 

The research projects focus on challenges relating to sustainability and socio-economic, scientific and integrated approaches to sustainable development:

  • Human induced climate change
  • New and renewable sources of energy
  • Income distribution, inequality, and convergence
  • Inclusive growth patterns
  • Sustainable economic structure
  • Education and awareness of sustainability
  • Impact of safety, security, and disaster management on sustainability
  • Demographic change and employment opportunities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Demographic pressure, urbanization and migration
  • Foreign aid and development
  • Changing consumption and production patterns
  • Impact of globalization on local, national, and regional sustainability and stability
  • Health-related aspects of sustainability

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