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Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
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Doctoral Education

Paderborn provides a state-of-the art Doctoral Program in Business Administration and Economics. This structured doctoral program strives for excellence in research and offers a variety of courses which provide students with an overview of current research in accounting and taxation. Students receive systematic theoretical and methodological training as well as the continuous support of senior faculty. The program is complemented with opportunities to attend external doctoral educational and research events such as VHB ProDok, EDEN Doctoral Seminars and the EAA Doctoral Colloquium. Students can also attend research events offered in close cooperation with the Center for Tax and Accounting Research (CETAR) which hosts various research events. This includes getting in contact with top international academics presenting at the TAF Research Seminar as well as presenting and critically discussing their own research at the TAF Brown Bag Seminar and the TAF Research Workshop.

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