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Recent Publications

Recent TAF-Working Papers

No.                                           Content

No. 75 / November 2022

Chen, Ann / Hieber, Peter / Sureth-Sloane, Caren
Pay for Tax Certainty? Advance Tax Rulings for Risky Investment under Multi-Dimensional Tax Uncertainty

No. 74 / July 2022

Deng, Jiaying / Yang, Mingwen / Pelster, Matthias / Tan, Yong
Social trading, communication, and networks

No. 73 / June 2022

Eberhartinger, Eva / Speitmann, Raffael / Sureth-Sloane, Caren / Wu, Yuchen
How Does Trust Affect Concessionary Behavior in Tax Bargaining?

No. 72 / March 2022

Letmathe, Sebastian / Feng, Yuanhua / Uhde, André
Semiparametric GARCH models with long memory applied to Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall

No. 71 / June 2022

Hippert, Benjamin / Uhde, André
CDS investors' risk perceptions of M&A announcements

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