TAF Re­search Sem­in­ar

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Stefano Cascino

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Behind the Corporate Veil: How Business Groups Arbitrage ESG Disclosure Mandates jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
06/18/2024 Yijun Li Erasmus University Rotterdam The Curse of Celebrity: The Effect of CEO Media-induced Status on Stock Price Crash Risk jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
06/11/2024 Christina Elschner Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder The Role of Tax Professionals in International Tax Policy jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
04/30/2024 Alessandro Scopellitti Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Bank Credit and Market-based Finance for Corporations: The Effects of Minibond Issuances for Unlisted Firms  

Elisa Casi-Eberhard

NHH Bergen Tax Strategy Disclosure: A Greenwashing Mandate? jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
10/24/2023 Derrald Stice HKU Business School Regulatory Exposure, Debt Contract Terms, and Bank Specialization jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
10/17/2023 Rebecca Lester Stanford Graduate School of Business The Spiderweb of Partnership Tax Structures jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
07/04/2023 Paul Demeré University of Georgia Using Narrative Disclosures to Predict Tax Outcomes jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
11/28/2023 Martin Artz WWU Münster You Rate Me and I’ll Rate You:
Mutual Rating Relationships in Multi-Rater Performance Evaluation Systems
jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
05/30/2023 Jaron Wilde University of Iowa Hidden in Plain Sight: Havens and Captives jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
04/18/2023 Nathan Goldman NC State University Executive Compensation and Income Tax Rate Progression jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
12/06/2022 Harald Amberger WU Vienna Ownership Transparency and Cross-border Investment jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
11/22/2022 Svenja Dube Fordham University Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Behavior jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
11/02/2022 Alfred Wagenhofer University of Graz Economic Effects of Litigation Risk on Corporate Disclosure and Innovation jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
10/18/2022 Ferdinand Elfers Erasmus University Rotterdam TruPS, I Did It Again – The Impact of (Non-)Fair Value Accounting on Banks’ Impairment and Trading Decisions jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
07/12/2022 Peter Limbach Universität Bielefeld Blockholder Representation on the Board: Theory and Evidence  
06/21/2022 Ken Klassen University of Waterloo Tax Aggressive Behavior and Voluntary Tax Disclosures in Corporate Sustainability Reporting jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
05/17/2022 Beatrice Michaeli

University of California, Los Angeles

Boards and Executive Compensation: Another Look jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
05/03/2022 Gregor Weiß Universität Leipzig Characteristic Portfolios, Conditional Quantile Curves, and the Cross-Section of Option Returns  
01/25/2022 Stefan Zeisberger WWU Münster What is Risk? How Investors Perceive Risk in Return Distributions  
12/21/2021 Marcel Olbert London Business School

Private Equity, Taxes, and Local Governments

jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
11/09/2021 Jochen Pierk Erasmus University Rotterdam The Role of MNC Executives on Tax Avoidance of Foreign Subsidiaries jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
10/26/2021 Christoph Sextroh Tilburg University

Simultaneous Information Releases and Capital Market Feedback

jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
07/13/2021 Jingyuan Mo NYU Shanghai Boosted Credit Ratings in China: The Effects of Credit Enhancement on Bond Pricing  
06/15/2021 Helena Isidro ISCTE-IUL Business School, Lisbon Debt Contracting after Bankruptcy jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
2:30 pm
Stacie Laplante Wisconsin School of Business "Just BEAT It" - Do firms reclassify costs to avoid the base erosion and anti-abuse tax (BEAT) of the TCJA? jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
05/04/2021 Reinald Koch Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt The effect of tax department structure on tax avoidance and tax risk jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
04/20/2021 Eva Eberhartinger Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien The Future of Tax Audits? The Acceptance of Online-Based, Automated Tax Audits and their Effects on Trust and Power jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
01/19/2021 Dan Amiram

Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University

  jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
12/08/2020 Arzé Karam Durham University, UK Liquidity Crashes  
11/17/2020 Dan Lynch Wisconsin School of Business Earnings Management around the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ of 2017 jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
11/10/2020 Jacco Wielhouwer Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL Goal Congruent Investments Including Tax Depreciation jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
10/13/2020 Davud Rostam-Afschar Universität Mannheim The German Business Panel: Scope, Methods, and Potential for Analysis jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
01/28/2020 Beatriz García Osma Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Not Just a Boys’ Club: Gender and Private Information Channels for Insider Trading jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
01/14/2020 Katrin Weiskirchner-Merten Vienna University of Economics and Business Bank Representatives on the Board of Directors and
their Influence on Risk and Managerial Compensation
jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
12/10/2019 Erik Peek Rotterdam School of Management The Dynamics of Financial Reporting Credibility Perceptions: IPO Firms’ Reputation Development through Passive Affiliations jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
10/22/2019 Giovanna Michelon University of Bristol Environmental Disclosure and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster jointly with TRR266 Seminar Series
06/18/2019 Marc Arnold University of St. Gallen The Impact of Renegotiable Debt on Firms  
06/06/2019 Leslie Robinson Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Negotiated Tax Havens  
05/21/2019 Tami Dinh University of St. Gallen The Real Effect of Accounting Comparability on Cross-border Investment of Foreign Investors  
05/07/2019 Marlene Plumlee University of Utah Growth Matters: Disclosure and Risk Premium  
04/16/2019 Felix Irresberger Leeds University Business School Coin Concentration of Proof-of-Stake Blockchains  
03/19/2019 Anne Beyer Stanford Graduate School of Business Enterprise Value and Voluntary Disclosure  
01/29/2019 Jochen Hundsdoerfer Freie Universität Berlin Corporate Taxes and Firms‘ Cost Behavior: The Role of Conforming Tax Planning  
01/15/2019 Martin Jacob WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management What Shapes Corporate Tax Policy?  
12/18/2018 Alastair Lawrence London Business School Measurement Error in Dependent Variables  
11/13/2018 Edward L. Maydew UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Tax Planning Diffusion along the Supply Chain  
10/02/2018 Michelle Hanlon MIT Sloan School of Management Insider Tax Effects on Acquisition Structure and Value  
06/26/2018 Christie Hayne Gies College of Business Collaborating with Competitors: Mechanisms That Mitigate Coopetitive Tensions Among Member Firms in Accounting Associations and Networks   
06/19/2018 David Godsell Gies College of Business Does the Threat of Takeover Discipline Managers? New Evidence from the Foreign Investment and National Security Act  
06/05/2018 Jianxin (Donny) Zhao Goizueta Business School Emory University The Value of Lending to Bellwether Firms by Institutional Investors  
05/15/2018 Peter Fiechter Université de Neuchatel Real effects in anticipation of mandatory disclosures: Evidence from the European Union’s CSR directive  
12/05/2017 Eva Eberhartinger Vienna University of Economics and Business Corporate Governance and Taxation: The Case of Co-operative Compliance  
11/14/2017 Edwige Cheynel University of California San Diego Estimating the Marginal Cost of Manipulation (in room Q0.425)  
10/24/2017 Christian Laux Vienna University of Economics and Business Bank Payouts during the Crisis of 2007-2008  
07/18/2017 Harm Schütt Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Do Financial News Outlets Cater to Heterogeneous Readers?  
07/04/2017 Leslie Robinson Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Public Tax-Return Disclosure  
06/20/2017  Christof Beuselinck University of Lille Financial Statement Readability and Tax Aggressiveness  
01/17/2017 Ulf Schiller University of Basel Bank Runs and Accounting for Illiquid Bank Assets  
12/13/2016 Zoltan Novotny-Farkas Lancaster University Are Level 3 Fair Values Informative?  
11/29/2016 Christoph Spengel University of Mannheim Education and Research in Taxation at Mannheim University  
11/22/2016 Dirk Schindler NHH Bergen Flexibility in Income Shifting under Losses  
07/08/2016 Wayne Landsman University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The JOBS Act and Information Uncertainty in IPO Firms  
06/28/2016 Kathleen Andries WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management The Effect of Corporate Taxation on Bank Transparency: Evidence from Loan Loss Provisions  
05/31/2016 Jörg-Markus Hitz Georg-August-University Göttingen Mandatory IFRS adoption: Database Coverage and Potential Selection Effects  
02/09/2016 Jeremy Bertomeu Baruch College, City University of New York Using Models and Data to Test Theory  
11/03/2015 Jürgen Ernstberger University of Technology Munich Reviewing a Friend –
The Role of Social Ties in Review Work in Auditing
10/20/2015 Bill Rees University of Edinburgh Business School Nonfinancial Disclosure and Analyst Forecast Accuracy: Evidence on Carbon Emission and Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures in the US  
07/21/2015 Jack D. Stecher Carnegie Mellon University Does Fair Value Accounting Reduce Prices and Create Illiquidity  
07/14/2015 Jannis Bischof Goethe University Frankfurt Why Did the FASB Change Fair Value Accounting Rules during the Crisis? An Analysis of the Political Influence on Standard-Setting  
06/09/2015 Petro Lisowsky University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Predictable Uncertainty: The Relation between Unrecognized Tax Benefits and Future Income Tax Cash Outflows  
06/02/2015 Lillian Mills University of Texas at Austin Can Revenue Authorities Constrain Tax-Induced Income Shifting in a Politically Controlled Economy?  
05/12/2015 Matthias Köhler Deutsche Bank An Analysis of Fee and Commission Income at German Savings Banks  
02/03/2015 Thorsten Sellhorn Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich Fair Value and Corporate Investment  
12/05/2014 Richard C. Sansing Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Tax Loss Carryovers in a Competitive Environment  
11/18/2014  Andreas Löffler Freie Universität Berlin ACE Tax with Uncertain Cash Flows and a Time Varying Tax Rate  
10/28/2014 Ulf Brüggemann Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin The Effect of Regulatory Harmonization on Cross-Border Labor Migration: Evidence from the Accounting Profession  
07/01/2014 Gregor Weiß University of Technology Dortmund Disclosed Derivatives Usage,
Securitization, and the Systemic Equity Risk of Banks
06/17/2014 Dirk Simons University of Mannheim Audit Market Segmentation
- The Impact of Mid-Tier Firms on Competition
05/27/2014 Daniela Lorenz Freie Universität Berlin A Revised Study of Family Firms' Tax Aggressiveness - Detection Controlled Analysis of Tax Audit Data  
04/22/2014 Aljosa Valentincic University of  Ljubljana Does Financial Statement Audit Reduce the Cost of Debt of Private Firms?  
11/13/2013 Martin Jacob WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management Payout Polocies of Privately Held Firms: Flexibility and the Role of Income Taxes  
07/01/2010 Terry Shevlin University of Washington, Foster School of Business Real Effects of Accounting Rules: Evidence from Multinational Firms’ Investment Location and Profit Repatriation Decisions